Search PPP Loan List in BROWNTOWN, Wisconsin

Small Business Administration (SBA) released a list of all the businesses their loan amount with Bank and business details.
Business Name Loan Amount Lender
ARCHITECTURAL PRECAST, INC. 165600 The Greenwood's State Bank
GODFREY FARMS 163100 Wisconsin Bank & Trust
CURRAN'S CHEESE PLANT, INC 123497 The Bank of New Glarus
PETELAND DAIRY LLC 49353 Compeer Financial, ACA
GREEN FAMILY FARM INC. 35809 Wisconsin Bank & Trust
GREEN FAMILY FARM, INC. 35800 Wisconsin Bank & Trust
LOIS J NUCKLES 30614 Compeer Financial, ACA
JORNY'S END LLC 29500 Woodford State Bank
EVELYN MITCHELL 27500 Newtek Small Business Finance, Inc.
GODFREY FARM LLC 23400 Wisconsin Bank & Trust
MICKEY KLEMM 20833 Woodford State Bank
JOSHUA SIGNER 20833 Woodford State Bank
JEFFREY BIDLINGMAIER 20833 Woodford State Bank
ANDERSON FAMILY DAIRY LLC 20833 Compeer Financial, ACA
JOSHUA NUCKLES 20833 Compeer Financial, ACA
LARRY LEE BUETZER 20833 Wisconsin Bank & Trust
LANCE MARTY 20833 Compeer Financial, ACA
JAMES SCHLAPPI 20833 Compeer Financial, ACA
THOMAS BIDLINGMAIER 20832 Woodford State Bank
DAVID MINDER 20832 Farmers Savings Bank
RUSSELL FRED BUETZER 20727 Wisconsin Bank & Trust
TONY LILLGE 19761 Woodford State Bank
TURBO DIESEL POWER INC 19648 Community Bank
TURBO DIESEL POWER INC 19164 Community Bank
DALE DAIGGER 18609 Woodford State Bank
JEREMY BROGE 18458 Community Bank
JUSTIN ALLEN 17015 Community Bank
BICENTENNIAL FARMS LLC 16482 State Bank of Cross Plains
6 BROTHERS ROOFING LLC 16108 Woodford State Bank
JAMES STAUFFER 15342 Woodford State Bank
KENNETH GOODMAN 14003 First National Bank at Darlington
STEVEN LINCICUM 13532 Farmers Savings Bank
B & M AUCTIONS OF WI, LLC 12000 Woodford State Bank
B&M AUCTIONS OF WI LLC 12000 Woodford State Bank
MATTHEW MINDER 10914 Farmers Savings Bank
REBECCA JAMES MADDRELL LLC 10414 Woodford State Bank
SCHEIDER FARMS 10196 Community Bank
WOLFF TRUCKING 9900 Apple River State Bank
JOHN SEFFROOD 9878 The Bank of New Glarus
AUSTIN MINDER 9716 Farmers Savings Bank
SCHUH ENTERPRISES LLC 9615 The Bank of New Glarus
JERRY LAWVER 8649 Woodford State Bank
LAVERN MAHLKUCH 7440 Customers Bank
JOHN SEFFROOD 7263 The Bank of New Glarus
THOMAS SARVER 6969 Woodford State Bank
BRIAN NEUENSCHWANDER 6676 Woodford State Bank
MILO CHRISTENSEN 6541 Woodford State Bank
GILBERTSON SEPTIC LLC 5674 Woodford State Bank
PRAIRIE STAR LODGE LLC 5314 Cross River Bank
M & M RANCH LLC 5245 Woodford State Bank
BETH ZIMMERMAN 4288 Woodford State Bank
JAMES PLEAR 3214 Woodford State Bank
MITCHELL HAUG 2291 Compeer Financial, ACA
JULIE OSTRANDER 2240 Woodford State Bank
DENNIS HOLVERSON 1799 Woodford State Bank
WORK BREAK EVENTS LLC 1670 Woodford State Bank
WILLIAM THOMPSON 695 Woodford State Bank