Search PPP Loan List in Trout Lake, Washington

Small Business Administration (SBA) released a list of all the businesses their loan amount with Bank and business details.
Business Name Loan Amount Lender
MT ADAMS INSTITUTE 264875 First Interstate Bank
MOUNTAIN MEADOWS DAIRY 99890 Riverview Community Bank
NELSON BROS ENGINEERING, LLC 73792 U.S. Bank, National Association
CHARIS WAY DAIRY 50200 Umpqua Bank
CASCADIA CREAMERY LLC 47588 Montana Community Development Corp.
VANLAAR ENTERPRISES INC 39680 Riverview Community Bank
BOB JOLLEY CONSTRUCTION 39235 Riverview Community Bank
M6 REVOLUTIONS INC 23798 Wells Fargo Bank, National Association
M6 REVOLUTIONS INC 23797 Wells Fargo Bank, National Association
CORVUS AND COIL LLC 23088 First Bank of the Lake
CORVUS AND COIL LLC 23017 Beneficial State Bank
TONY FUENTES LLC 22100 Umpqua Bank
S&J CUTLER LLC 20000 Umpqua Bank
TROUT LAKE VALLEY INN LLC 18180 Montana Community Development Corp.
TONY FUENTES LLC 16503 Umpqua Bank
TROUT LAKE ABBEY, LLC 11400 First Bank & Trust
CARISSA'S STUDIO 10500 Umpqua Bank
WEE VENTURES LLC 10100 Umpqua Bank
WEE VENTURES LLC 10100 Umpqua Bank
TROUT LAKE MOTEL 9700 MBE Capital Partners
C&J PROPERTIES LLC 6530 Montana Community Development Corp.
S&J CUTLER LLC 4054 Umpqua Bank