Search PPP Loan List in Roosevelt, Washington

Small Business Administration (SBA) released a list of all the businesses their loan amount with Bank and business details.
Business Name Loan Amount Lender
CHERRY RIVER FARMS 624808 Banner Bank
HARRIS FARMS 281932 Banner Bank
HORSE HEAVEN GRAIN LLC 72792 U.S. Bank, National Association
HORSE HEAVEN GRAIN, LLC 72792 U.S. Bank, National Association
TEE MULRONY 20832 Columbia State Bank
ANDREW WESLEY 19307 Columbia State Bank
COLUMBIA RIVER COUNTY STORE 16130 First Interstate Bank
BLAIN RANCH, INC. 11807 Columbia State Bank
KELLEY BOWCUTT 9997 First Interstate Bank
KELLEY RANCHES LLC 9502 Columbia State Bank
LARRY BOWCUTT 770 Bank of Eastern Oregon