Search PPP Loan List in FARMINGTON, Washington

Small Business Administration (SBA) released a list of all the businesses their loan amount with Bank and business details.
Business Name Loan Amount Lender
NELSON FARMS, INC. 54971 First Interstate Bank
AUDIOPILE LLC 36392 Umpqua Bank
SDK FARMS, INC. 27600 State Bank Northwest
DANIEL WESTACOTT 25969 Twin River Bank
JOHN ARLAND 24973 State Bank Northwest
JOHN ARLAND 23835 First Interstate Bank
RANDALL FISHER 21000 Washington Trust Bank
JAMES LANGE 20832 First Interstate Bank
BRANDON DONEEN 20832 First Interstate Bank
TOM PERINGER 20832 First Interstate Bank
ANDREW NELSON 20830 U.S. Bank, National Association
BERNT LEHN FARMS, INC. 16500 State Bank Northwest
ANDREW NELSON 15375 Square Capital, LLC
CHAD D HANSEN 14225 Itria Ventures LLC
FORD GUMM & SONS, INC 11250 State Bank Northwest
FORD GUMM & SONS INC 11250 State Bank Northwest
K&L FARMS 11000 First Interstate Bank
ZACH YOUNG 2927 First Interstate Bank
MGD FARMS INC 2918 State Bank Northwest
MGD FARMS, INC. 2900 State Bank Northwest
AURORA INC 2625 State Bank Northwest
DONEEN FARMS 2500 First Interstate Bank
LISENBEE FARMS, LLC 1763 State Bank Northwest
MORGAN PFAFF 1000 Washington Trust Bank