Search PPP Loan List in Charlottesville, Virginia

Small Business Administration (SBA) released a list of all the businesses their loan amount with Bank and business details.\

Business Name
Petersburg Motor Company, Inc
$ 4,900,700
Virginia National Bank
Red Light Management Llc
$ 4,889,800
Blue Ridge Bank, National Association
Faulconer Construction Company Inc
$ 4,288,791
Wells Fargo Bank, National Association
Apex Clean Energy Inc
$ 4,101,500
Virginia National Bank
St Annes Belfield Inc
$ 2,882,468
Truist Bank
Thomas Jefferson Foundation Inc
$ 2,837,365
Truist Bank
University Of Virginia Host Properties Inc
$ 2,700,000
Atlantic Union Bank
Silverchair Science & Communications, Llc
$ 2,592,800
Virginia National Bank
Commonwealth Computer Research Inc
$ 2,562,634
Bank of America, National Association
Design Electric Inc
$ 2,476,000
Virginia National Bank
Tiger Fuel Company
$ 2,413,900
Truist Bank
Teachstone, Inc.
$ 2,347,800
Western Alliance Bank
Haslup Enterprises Ltd.
$ 2,120,700
Chesapeake Bank
Accounting Research & Analytics, Llc
$ 2,073,042
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association
Natural Retreats Us Llc
$ 2,063,600
Bank of the James
S. L. Williamson Co., Inc.
$ 1,971,700
Truist Bank
Coconstruct, Llc
$ 1,961,500
Origin Bank
S. L. Williamson Co. Inc.
$ 1,958,750
Truist Bank
University Of Virginia Darden School Foundation
$ 1,902,600
Virginia National Bank
Anchor Healthcare, P.l.c.
$ 1,815,800
Atlantic Union Bank
University Of Virginia Darden School Foundation
$ 1,802,623
Virginia National Bank
Hospice Of The Piedmont, Inc.
$ 1,764,700
Virginia National Bank
Atlantic Coast Athletic Clubs Of Virginia, Inc.
$ 1,697,600
United Bank
Elder Research Inc
$ 1,650,000
First Community Bank
Dlb Enterprises Llc
$ 1,594,201
Fulton Bank, National Association