Search PPP Loan List in KINSALE, Virginia

Small Business Administration (SBA) released a list of all the businesses their loan amount with Bank and business details.
Business Name Loan Amount Lender
POTOMAC SUPPLY LLC 1134810 Congressional Bank
BEVANS OYSTERS CO 986000 Atlantic Union Bank
JREX INC. 56742 Atlantic Union Bank
RAG, INC. 54200 Sonabank
RAG INC 54200 Sonabank
WHITE POINT MARINA, INC. 50000 Atlantic Union Bank
JREX, INC 47100 Atlantic Union Bank
BAYSHORE DESIGN LLC 31478 Citizens and Farmers Bank
ANDREA HAROLD 20833 Blue Ridge Bank, National Association
DANA HOODENPYLE 20832 Northeast Bank
ANDREA L HAROLD TRANSLATOR/EDITOR 20800 Blue Ridge Bank, National Association
ZION BAPTIST CHURCH 17900 Atlantic Union Bank
OUR DOGS NANNY LLC 17467 Wells Fargo Bank, National Association
GEORGE DOBYNS ENGLISH, JR 15700 Atlantic Union Bank
MMP - USA LLC 12470 FC Marketplace, LLC (dba Funding Circle)
SHARON FARMER 8590 Cross River Bank
THE TIRE DOCTOR, LLC 7700 Blue Ridge Bank, National Association
EAST WEST FINANCIAL SERVICES INC 7083 Citizens and Farmers Bank
BALL'S LANDSCAPING 5943 Celtic Bank Corporation
EAST WEST FINANCIAL SERVICES INC 5250 Citizens and Farmers Bank
ELVIS MOZINGO 3670 Cross River Bank
GREENWALTH ELECTRIC INC 1082 Citizens and Farmers Bank